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Within cellular component, the largest proportion was assigned to cells and cell parts, followed by binding and catalytic activity. A similar number of genes were down-regulated in the spermatheca after mating. A common factor in familial and infectious prion disorders. A number of signaling proteins also have an ER stress element or an UPR element in their promoter [ ], so the ER stress pathway has far reaching effects, both immediate and long term. To adapt the transition from land to aquatic environment, cetaceans had gradually formed some tremendous changes in morphology and physiology. During mating sperm enter the spermatheca via a long duct originating from the atrial lumen.


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An equivalent phenotype was observed in another fmo-4 deletion mutant tm data not shown. In addition, BLASTx of the assembled unigene sequences against NT database resulted in the identification of 83, sequences with at least one significant alignment to an existing gene model Table 2. Sexual transfer of the steroid hormone 20E induces the postmating switch in Anopheles gambiae. The WEGO software was then used to perform GO functional classification of all unigenes to view the distribution of gene functions of the species at the macro level [23]. The N-terminal sensor region is predicted to contain three tandem thioredoxin-like domains [ 36 ]. The glycan code of the endoplasmic reticulum: Database of comparative protein structure models More

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Life after the asteroid apocalypse. Also, how does this compare to other organs? An asterisk against the species abbreviation indicates a human disease-causing species. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Palmitoylated calnexin is a key component of the ribosome-translocon complex.
The phenotype of a knockout mouse identifies flavin-containing monooxygenase 5 FMO5 as a regulator of metabolic ageing. View Article Google Scholar 2. In this study, we performed the analyses of the leucocyte transcriptome of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, including transcriptome sequencing, assembly and annotation. Wharton for expert help on topics including peptide folding, transmembrane helices, C. Moreover, these data suggest that transfer of sperm is not a trigger of the spermathecal transcriptional response, confirming previous findings that female postmating physiology is not modulated by sperm 24 and pointing at a prominent role for MAG secretions as triggers of transcriptional changes.

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